Occulta Dama

Occulta is a PhD Researcher at MMU Studying animations ability to connect the public to the insect decline crisis. They specialise in animation and activism and have a vast range of  experience from feature films, TV and games. The combination of both practical and academic skills has meant they have become a full time animation lecturer at DMU, teaching 2D animation and Pre-production. Occulta is not only an activist but also lifelong wildlife enthusiast, especially within the area of entomology. This passion and love for the natural world has led to a determination to protect and conserve nature, particularly insects, via they're developed creative skills. The ever real Anthropocene extinction and the accelerating insect decline crisis was the motivation for they're current PhD research. They have gained diplomas in both Zoology and Wildlife Rehabilitation meaning they have the artistic and developmental scientific acumen to conduct exciting and innovative ways to connect people to the nature.

PhD in Animation and Insect Conservation, MMU, 2021-2024 - Pending

MA with distinction in Animation, ECA

1ST BA with Honors in Animation, WLV

Diploma with distinction, CPD - Wildlife Rehabilitation 

Diploma With Distinction, CPD - Zoology

Full time Animation Lecturer at DMU (2021-Present)

Temporary Animation Lecturer at WLV (2021)

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