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Occulta Dama

Occulta Dama is a PhD researcher and programme leader of Animation at De Montfort University. Their current research  "Knowing doesn't make you feel; disrupting the imagined insect world through the animated lens" explores insect representation in cinema, primarily in horror, from both a contextual and practical perspective. They have a psychoanalytical approach to film discussion and practice, focusing on the affect, unconsciousness and experience of cinema and how this space can be disrupted. Occulta's background is in horror, previously working as a practical special effects artist and lead animator for Troma Entertainment's feature films. In addition they have work in the animation, AAA games industry and television industry. They have a specialism in 2D animation, mixed media, stop-motion and experimental approaches. Their current work is focused on animation as activism combining a variety of animated approaches to form a body of developing practice research.

Academic Conferences & Talks

Society of Animation Studies Annual Conference - June 2023 - Rowan University - Speaker

Title: “ Knowing Doesn't make us feel: Disrupting Biophobia through the animated Lens”

20th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, “Strange Things: Alternatives, Imaginaries, and Other(world)s.”

March 2023 - Indiana University - speaker 

Title: “Matter without Meaning: The Anarchic Unconscious and the Liminal Horror Space”

Society of Animation Studies Annual Conference - June 2022 - Teesside University - Speaker

Title: “ The Insect World Versus Biophobia: How Animation Can Encourage Biophilia In The Wake Of Insect Extinction”

Birmingham Festival 2023 - Exhibitor & Speaker

Title: “ Biophobia vs. The insect world"

(Upcoming - 2024) " Materialistic Horror: The Universal Terror of Undead Partial Objects"
The Baltic Horror Collection, Book Chapter, Routledge, University of wales. 

(Upcoming - 2024)  "Knowing doesn't make you feel; disrupting the imagined insect world through the a
nimated lens"

PhD publication via MMU university 


Experience 2021-present

PhD in Animation and Insect Conservation, MMU, 2021-2026- Pending

MA with distinction in Animation, ECA

1ST BA with Honors in Animation, WLV

Diploma with distinction, CPD - Wildlife Rehabilitation 

Diploma With Distinction, CPD - Zoology

Senior Lecturer, Animation BA & MA @ MMU (2023-Present)

Programme lead & Senior Lecturer, Animation BA @ DMU (2022-2023)

Animation Lecturer at DMU (2021-2022)

Visiting Animation Lecturer at WLV (2021)

For a full CV copy please contact:

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